A day in the life: Leticia Van de Putte

SAN ANTONIO – At seven in the morning, Leticia Van De Putte is about to take part in another mayoral forum, this time at The Barn Door Restaurant.

"What I'm really enthused about is the level of support from people from different areas of town and different walks of life," said Van De Putte.

She spent most time of her time on the campaign trail, just not the same one. First, she was a candidate for lieutenant governor, then almost immediately, she moved into a run for mayor. It was a run she admits that started slowly because until about a month ago, Leticia Van De Putte was still a State Senator.

"I was torn in two places of where I really needed to be and wanted to be, now I'm solely focused on San Antonio and winning this campaign," said Van De Putte.

On Wednesday, that campaign run included transitioning from the mayoral forum to a law office where she's introduced by former mayor and supporter Phil Hardberger.

"She's shown leadership," said Hardberger.

Then a jacket change and transitioning from English to Spanish at a senior center in Harlandale followed by a trip to campaign headquarters for a staff meeting.

"I believe what our city is looking for and what our voters are looking for is real leadership. The ability to join San Antonio together to work in a nonpartisan way, to focus on what is the greater good," says Van De Putte.

A phone bank shows what a family affair this is for Van De Putte. Her sisters and mother are all making calls. Her top priority, if elected, is to finish the police and fire contracts.

Van De Putte believes she has at least one more transition to make, moving from state to local government.

"We're at a crossroads in our city. The decisions we're going to make in the next four years will determine whether San Antonio is going to be a great American city, or we're just going to trudge along," said Van De Putte. "I believe our best days are ahead of us and I want to be mayor, because I know I can do that job."

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