Volunteers take flight in search for flood victims

Weekend weather expected to slow search efforts

WIMBERLEY, Texas – As groups of volunteers searched the banks of the Blanco River on foot Thursday, Eric Herr took to the sky.

Herr is one of dozens of private helicopter pilots who have come to Hays County to participate in the difficult search for the victims still missing after the historic flooding that swept through the county Memorial Day weekend.

"It's hard for me to get my eyes totally focused on the ground because the river is ... meandering severely so you're in and out of the winds," Herr said.

Herr's involvement extends beyond the search. He's also flying transport operations.

"We're moving ground crews around too. We'll move a group of three here, pick them up, move them over here. It's a lot of people on the ground," Herr said.

Hundreds of volunteers have flocked to Wimberley to search for victims. As of Thursday afternoon, the number of missing had been reduced to eight, after two more bodies were found Wednesday.

In a morning press conference, a spokesperson for the victims' family thanked the public for their prayers and volunteer efforts before heading out to search for their loved ones.

"It's impossible to express in words the tremendous loss, pain and fear we are feeling. Still, we find comfort in our faith and in the support of our family, friends and community," said Kelly Burke. "We know that our loved ones who have passed are in a better place. Right now we must focus on finding those who are still missing."

Click here for information on how you can help in the search for missing flood victims.