Veterinarians worry about spike in homeless pet population

'Kitten Season' starts in early March, spaying & neutering best option

SAN ANTONIO – With "Kitten Season" right around the corner, veterinarians and animal experts worry about a possible spike in the homeless pet population.

Kitten Season starts in early March meaning right now is breeding time for the animals. And, according to experts, spaying and neutering is the best solution to the growing problem.

"Animal shelters are just inundated, just overflowing with animals. We constantly get calls from people, 'Hey, I have a litter of kittens and I can't find homes for them. It's just every single year. Why can't I get this to stop?' So spay and neuter them before they get pregnant," Jennifer Blackson, clinic manager for the Hill Country Animal League said.

For those interested, the Hill Country Animal League in Boerne offers low cost spaying and neutering to those who qualify. You can bring in a feral cat to be fixed for as low as $25.

For those in San Antonio select zip codes qualify for special spay and neuter services.