Man gunned down less than 24 hours after moving into apartment, neighbors say

Police believe victim and suspect knew each other

The search is on for the suspect who gunned down a man at a Northeast side apartment complex. 

Neighbors said the victim hadn't even lived at the apartment complex for a day before he was killed.

It happened early Sunday afternoon at the Bellevue Apartment complex at 5341 Gawain Drive, just off Ray Bon Drive.

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"Went and sat down on the couch, lit my cigarette, and as soon as I lit my cigarette, I heard (rapid gunshots)." neighbor Camden Williams said. "We panicked it sounded like it was right outside the house, we started freaking out." 

SAPD says the victim was shot in his torso following an altercation, 

"As soon as I walk outside, look off to the left, I see a mans feet, his shoes straight up and his legs crossed I walk up, there's blood all over his side," Williams said.

Police have not identified the victim. They said he was in his 20's and died after he was transported to San Antonio Military Medical Center, but according to witnesses, he was new to the neighborhood. 

"The guy who got shot was actually a neighbor who just moved in," Andrew Dunker, a neighbor, said.

"Last night he was moving in here yesterday around 3, he wasn't even in here 22 hours before he got gunned down," Williams said.

As investigators look into what led to the deadly altercation and comb through surveillance footage from nearby businesses, some residents said they are looking for another place to live.

"This was my first apartment --  this was kind of an awkward experience," Dunker said. "I was trying to better myself... It was cheap so I moved here. I think I'm going to find a better place."

Police believe the suspect knew the victim, but right now they're still trying to track that person down. 

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