Naked man performs lewd act behind homes on city's NW side, woman says

SA mother shares photos of man after ‘pleasuring himself'

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio mother said she was left disgusted and disturbed after looking out her kitchen window to only witness a naked man masturbating behind her family’s home during the dinnertime hours.

The mother, who wishes to not be identified, said she saw the man just after 5 p.m. Thursday behind her backyard completely naked and “pleasuring himself” as he stared into her home.

“Our back of the house leads up to the greenbelt and my kitchen is in the back where it’s all windows. As I was washing my hands, I looked out (the window) and see this naked guy masturbating,” she said.

With her mom, two daughters and niece inside, the woman called San Antonio police to report the naked man whom she says looked between the ages of 18 to 22 years old.

“He was looking (from) house to house to house. He’ll look at my house while (masturbating) then he’ll look at a different house and then (masturbating) and then turned around (to) a different house,” she told

That’s when, she said, her mother ran out of the house to tell their neighbor about the man.

When the neighbor went out to confront the man, the woman said that’s when he got dressed and ran to the neighborhood across the greenbelt.

As the unidentified man ran away, the woman was able to capture the man in a series of photos.

The man is seen wearing a light blue shirt with black shorts in the photos.

SAPD confirmed to they received the call of a male appearing to be “going up to different houses and masturbating then going to another one.”

An SAPD official said an officer was dispatched to the Finesilver Ranch subdivision, located on the city’s Northwest Side near Loop 1604 and Braun Road, to search the area but did not find the male in question.

“For him to have been completely naked, he would’ve gotten there, taken off his clothes and then started doing that to himself. If I were to estimate, I would say he was out there for a good 12 minutes and probably would’ve stayed to finish if it weren’t for my neighbor to come outside,” the woman said.

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The woman said the man exposed himself not only her, but also to her twin 14-year-old daughters and 10-year-old niece, leaving a sense of uneasiness for the family.

“I’ve talked to my husband about things we can start doing now as it was very disturbing. I’ve never felt scared coming to my home before, but now I’m scared,” she said.

The mother told she hopes the police find the man and if it turns out he’s mentally unstable that he gets the help he deserves.


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