Official Tricentennial pictorial postmark unveiled

Federal recognition of San Antonio's 300th Birthday

SAN ANTONIO – Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to use the City of San Antonio’s official Tricentennial pictorial postmark in honor of Commemorative Week.

The postmark is used to indicate the post office of origin and date and time of mailing. The commemorative postmark will be available through the month of May at the Arsenal Station, which is located at 1140 S. Laredo St. The Arsenal Station will be known as the Tricentennial Station for the month of May.

Pictorial postmarks are rare. “We already have probably 30 requests that already came in from around the world from philatelists,” said San Antonio Postmaster Robert Carr Jr. Philatelists are people who collect or study stamps and other related items.

If you want to collect the Tricentennial postmark you’ll need a stamped envelope or post card. You can buy a stamped envelope at the post office for 63 cents. The special postmark is only available at the Arsenal Station.

Pictorial postmarks must be federally approved, which U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett helped with.

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