HOUSTON – An active shooter situation at a Houston-area high school Friday left eight to 10 people, and Harris County Sheriff's Office Ed Gonzalez said the majority of the victims are students.

According to KSAT.com’s sister station Click2Houston.com, the shooting occurred around 8 a.m. at Santa Fe High School.

Shortly after arriving at the scene, KPRC reporters have been sharing heartbreaking videos of students describing the terrifying moments during the onslaught.

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In a video sent out by Click2Houston.com, a student said she was “scared for her life” and that “no one should go through this. No one should feel that pain.”

Another student told a KPRC reporter that she was in the school’s theater room when she heard “four, maybe five shots.”

“I didn’t know what they were at first, but then I started hearing screaming, so, I got up and I ran and we hid backstage in the workshop,” the student said.

After learning of the fatal shooting, parents began to arrive at the school, worried and concerned about their children who may have been among the victims.

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