Woman hit by driver of stolen SUV says she feels like she has second chance at life

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SAN ANTONIO – The victim of a serious West Side crash said she feels like she’s getting a second chance at life.

Lucia Sanchez was driving on West Martin Street on Friday when the driver of a stolen SUV ran a stop sign and hit her, lodging her car into the side of a house, police said

“I didn’t see the lights coming. I didn’t see anything,” Sanchez said. “When the car hit me, my air bags deployed. I still felt my car moving. I get out -- my head is hurting, my whole body is completely numb. I don’t feel anything.”

She said she got out of her car and began looking for the driver who hit her when a witness pointed toward a white Ford Escape. Sanchez said she saw a man running from the SUV.

Police said they are looking for two men seen running from the scene.

Sanchez said she later realized she hit a house and quickly ran over to make sure everyone was okay.

“It wasn’t my fault, but my car went into somebody's house," Sanchez said. "I don’t want that to happen to anybody.”

The mother of three said she was running an errand to plan a family vacation. Now, she said her vacation is ruined as she’s home recovering and trying to figure out how to get a new car before she has to start work later this week.

But with only bruises and soreness, Sanchez considers herself very lucky.

Sanchez hopes police find the driver and passenger who caused her and the homeowner so much pain and money.

“That wasn’t right. They left me and they left people in the house,” she said.

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