Mom says 6-year-old son beaten, hospitalized after standing up to bullies


OLYMPIA, Wash. – A 6-year-old boy was hospitalized after he stood up to his bullies who then beat him with rocks and sticks and rubbed sawdust in his eyes, his mother told a Seattle TV station.

Carter's mother, Dana English, told KOMO-TV that her son stood up to a group of bullies who were picking on his friend when the bullies attacked him, leaving him with a broken arm, injuries to his eyes and several cuts and bruises on his face and head.

English told KOMO-TV she works two blocks from her home and went to check on her son. She told the TV station she got home and found Carter on the front steps covered in blood.

"I was scared, I was shocked, I was hurt," English said through tears. "I don't know, there's really not words to put into it."

English told KOMO-TV Carter told her he didn't understand why everyone tried to hurt him and that he was just trying to help.

Carter told authorities he didn't recognize the majority of the kids that he said beat him, but could likely pick them out of a lineup, KOMO-TV reported.

According to the Seattle TV station, local police identified a 5-year-old who they believe started the fight, but due to the ages of those involved, the case will not result in criminal charges.

"It's not fair that my son was trying to do the right thing and gets hurt like this," English told KOMO-TV. "There's no reason for it. I want people to know that bullying is not OK. There's no reason to bully somebody ever."