Texas mom whoops teen son with belt on side of road after he took her brand new BMW

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EL PASO, Texas – A Texas woman is being hailed mother of the year after she tracked her son down after he took her BMW without her permission, then whooped him with a belt on the side of a highway.

The swift discipline was caught on camera by the woman's daughter, Liza Campero. 

Campero said her brother, Aaron Martinez, was on break from school when he disconnected the Wi-Fi so his mother wouldn't see through home surveillance cameras that he had taken her new BMW.

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The 14-year-old then picked up some friends and went cruising around El Paso. Campero's mother was unaware of Aaron's joyride until she got a call from the mother of one of Aaron's friends, saying Aaron had just driven to her home to pick up her son.

Campero said her mother called her from work to ask if her BMW was in the driveway. When Campero said the car wasn't in the driveway, Campero's mother left work, picked up Campero and had her bring a belt to search for the teen.

After Aaron didn't answer calls from his girlfriend or family, Campero's mother was able to get in contact with the mother of one of Aaron's friends, who said he was leaving a friend's house.

Campero told KSAT that they knew where to intercept the vehicle because Aaron was in the friend's quinceañera. 

When Campero's mother spotted her BMW, she laid on the horn and pulled up alongside the vehicle while screaming "Pull over now!"

Campero recorded her mother and Aaron both pulling over to the side of the road. In the video, Campero's mother can be heard asking her daughter for the belt before getting out of the car, opening the driver's side door of the BMW and spanking her son with the leather belt. 

Aaron's friend, who was in the passenger's seat, told Campero he was trying to get out of the car to run home because he was in shock.

Campero's mother took away Aaron's phone, Playstation 4 and other electronic devices, so he had no clue the videos Campero posted had gone viral. 

Initially worried he would be bullied because he was spanked by his mother, the 14-year-old has received mostly positive attention. Campero said Aaron's classmates have called him a "legend," referring to him as the modern-day Ferris Bueller. 

Campero said her mother is trying to keep a low profile because while many from Texas and New Mexico understand her reaction, others are accusing the mother of child abuse.