Texas teacher's dress featuring students' artwork going viral

Courtesy: Good Morning America, Charlece Lake
Courtesy: Good Morning America, Charlece Lake

A North Texas art teacher's custom-made duds are going viral for all the right reasons.

Charlece Lake snapped photos of her mother, a teacher at McAuliffe Elementary School, in a dress that featured drawings by her students and posted it to Twitter Friday. In a matter of days, the photos racked up more than 100,000 likes. 

"My mom is the cutest art teacher ever!!" Lake wrote. "She made a dress and had every one of her students draw one thing on the dress for her to wear. This was her at her student’s art show tonight."

Lake's mother, Rebecca Bonner, told "Good Morning America" she got the idea from a Facebook group for elementary school art teachers and that it was her bid to get her nearly 600 students excited about art.

Bonner left out a white dress, along with fabric markers and sharpies, and let her students' imaginations take off. After two weeks, Bonner personified her catchphrase, "turn your mess up into a dress up," and sported the dress to her students' art show.