TECH SA: Cybersecurity jobs available at Joint Base-Lackland

67th Cyberspace Wing looking for people with variety of skills

SAN ANTONIO – The 67th Cyberspace Wing, headquartered at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas, is looking for local talent to fill jobs. 

The jobs they are trying to fill in the wing are software developers, computer scientists, computer engineers, electrical engineers, and cyber security and IT professionals.

Col. Melissa Cunningham is the commander of the 67th Cyberspace Wing and said the wing has roots dating back to 1947.

“We are comprised of military, civilian and contract employees and they have a lot of different knowledge and skills and training,” Cunningham said. 

Cunningham said the wing analyzes cyberspace vulnerabilities. 

“They can be criminal threats. They can be nation-state threats as well,” Cunningham said. 

The wing is made up of nearly 2,000 people and has 77 vacancies for civilians. 

Officials said being a civilian supporting the military means you get to be part of the military and local community, serving the nation and making a difference without having to wear the uniform or move every two to three years.

Positions offer leave, healthcare, retirement benefits and additional training and tuition assistance and there are various opportunities for those already in the Air Force to transfer from one specialty to another.

The 67th Cyberspace Wing has internship programs for recent graduates or those with relevant experience in cyber security, computer science, or engineering fields for those wanting to join the civilian team.

Theresa Haak is the wing’s civilian director and represents the local talent for which the wing is looking. She graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with an electrical engineering degree. 

“It has provided me some very incredible opportunities, and I’ve spent 16 years working for the Air Force,” Haak said. 

Shortly after graduation, she was recruited by the Air Force. 

Haak said the wing is looking for people with a variety of skills. 

“Technology, cybersecurity, computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, software development,” Haak said. 

“I think this is an incredible start, an incredible purpose, to have an opportunity to serve the nation,” Cunningham said. 

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