Dad brings son's dog home from PetSmart for grooming, comes home with wrong dog

Viral video shows dad's honest mistake


MIAMI – Twitter user Pineappl3pizza, real name Alex, posted a video of his dad Wednesday that has gone viral in just 24 hours.

“My dad took my dog to Petsmart to get groomed and he came back with a different dog and didn’t notice until my brother and I told him something,” Alex tweeted.

Alex posted several updates to the original tweet, including a video of this dad taking the mystery dog getting taken back to PetSmart.

Alex also posted a screenshot of a text conversation with his dad that shows his dad double checking that he was bringing the right dog home the second time around.

He also responded to people’s questions on Twitter, saying PetSmart allegedly didn’t know about the mix-up and the owners of the mystery dog were still waiting for PetSmart to call them and tell them their dog was ready.

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Alex posted a final update Wednesday afternoon -- a picture of his actual dog -- groomed, happy and at home.

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