Father's indictment in 3-month-old's death sparks awareness of child abuse-related deaths

SAN ANTONIO – In light of the recent indictment involving a man who is suspected of severely injuring his 3-month-old daughter, several in the community are heartbroken over similar cases nationwide.

Arthur Martinez is accused of striking 3-month-old Melanie Martinez with his hand, and an unknown object, and then striking her against an unknown object.

“It is heartbreaking, you know?” said one of Martinez's neighbors, who did not want to be identified. “Prayers go out to the families and everyone involved because I am sure it is not easy for everyone to deal with that.”

The neighbor said she is more devastated to know this is a reccurring issue across the country.

“It hurts to see these kids have to suffer that way because there are many people out there that would love to have children but can't, and they see these kids being hurt this way,” the neighbor said.

Leslie Wood, director of education and community response with Children Bereavement Center of South Texas, said cases like this can be very difficult to cope with for everyone in the family.

“We recognize that family is still grieving,” Wood said. “Even though the way it may have occurred isn’t very comforting, there are others in that family that are still mourning.”

Wood said she is very thankful for the resources across the county and the city for fighting to crack down on abuse-related child deaths.

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