Texans to vote on 10 proposed Constitutional amendments in November

Election to be held November 5

SAN ANTONIO – The Texas Constitution was written in 1876 and has been amended nearly 500 times by voters.

But election officials say very few people turn out and vote in constitutional amendment elections. 

"Some of them were quite complicated and people didn't understand voting 'yes' or voting 'no,'" said Madhu Sridhar, president of the League of Women Voters San Antonio.

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When it comes to constitutional amendment elections, the voter has a lot of information to read and understand. 

Sridhar said in the 2017 amendment election, only about 3% of registered Bexar County voters turned out to cast a ballot. 

Contrast the low turnout of that election with that of the November 2018 midterm elections, when nearly 50 percent of registered voters participated.

"I think the reason why people don't vote is because they don't have enough information," Sridhar said.

She said that's why the League of Women Voters provides nonpartisan digital and hard-copy voter guides explaining the pros and cons of the constitutional amendments. 

Texans in November will decide 10 proposed amendment proposals that were approved by lawmakers during the recent session of the Texas Legislature. 

Here is the complete list of propositions on the ballot:

Perhaps the proposition generating the most attention will be Proposition 4, which would prohibit the Texas Legislature from establishing a personal state income tax. 

A vote of "For" means the Texas Legislature will not be allowed to allow the creation of a state income tax. 

A vote of "Against" means you approve the idea of a state income tax in the future.

Sridhar said it's crucial that voters take the time to educate themselves and participate in the November election.

"So you must take interest and decide for yourself which side and how you want to go forward," Sridhar said.

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