‘New Week, New You’: Yomassage blends two relaxation practices for mindfulness, stretching

Massage Movil first to bring Yomassage to San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – Yoga and massage are two practices one might turn to for rest and relaxation.

Massage Movil is creating the best of both worlds with Yomassage, which was created by two Portland, Oregon, women.

After quitting her job in the corporate massage world, local native Nichole Alacron brought the practice to San Antonio and is currently the first and only person to do so.

"Yomassage is a really great combination of breath and mindfulness, gentle stretching and therapeutic touch in a small group setting," Alacron said.

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Her sessions, which last anywhere from 60 to 75 minutes, begin with mediation. Inspired by yoga, you'll then assume a number of positions that the body naturally follows for a more comfortable stretch.

"It's focusing on four or five yoga postures and the therapist comes in and massages either the neck, head or shoulders, which are all areas that, after working for eight hours sitting in front of a computer, are very beneficial to work through and massage."

Jessica Ruiz is an expectant mother. Yomassage is one of very few activities she feels conformable doing in her second trimester.

"It's not just beneficial to me but for my baby, as well, and also allows me to relax and focus on my breathing, which I think will really help me out in labor," Ruiz said.

The practice was originally intended to help victims of trauma reassociate touch in a positive and healing light.

Alacron also hopes to help many people who suffer from stress, depression and anxiety.

Because of the stretching, Yomassage is also restorative for people like athletes who are recovering from injury.

"Sometimes I forget to take that time to myself to really relax to recover to let my body really breathe," Alacron said.

Gabriella Hernandez is an avid runner who is training for a marathon. She also runs a nonprofit and says Yomassage is the perfect way to squeeze self-care into a busy schedule.

"It's where I can flip my mind off, turn off that athlete's mind and just really get into myself and feel relaxed, comfortable and safe but still feel like I'm doing something productive and good for my body," Hernandez said.

Yomassage session are limited to five people in order to give the licensed massage therapists time to focus on everyone.

To book a session, click here.

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