13-year-old killed pregnant sister, cut out her baby to give to another woman, reports say

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PORTO VELHO, Brazil – A teenager in Brazil is accused of murdering her pregnant sister, 23-year-old Fabiana Santana, in order to steal her baby and give it to another woman, according to multiple reports.

The gruesome crime took place on Oct. 18 and involves a 13-year-old who, along with a 15-year-old boy, bludgeoned her sister to death with a metal pole before also drowning her 7-year-old nephew Gustavo, The Sun reported.

Gustavo, Santana's son, was killed after he fought to save his mother's life, according to The Sun.

The New York Post dubbed the teen the "womb raider."

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Thankfully, the 8-month-old baby boy who was cut from Santana's womb survived.

He was found by police with the 15-year-old who helped the sister carry out the killings, according to The Sun.

The teenage boy is assumed to be the son of Catia Rabelo, who police said masterminded the plot in order to keep the baby.

The infant is reportedly in good health and under care at Porto Base Old Hospital.

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Santana's body was found in a shallow grave on a vacant plot three days after she failed to return home, and an autopsy report indicates she may have been alive when her son was cut from her womb, The Sun reported.

Gustavo's body was found floating in a nearby lake.

The 13- and 15-year-olds are being held at a youth custody center during the investigation and are being charged with double homicide.

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“The teenage suspect has admitted to killing her sister and her seven year old nephew and told us that she threw Gustavo, who couldn’t swim, into the nearby lake then stoned him until he drowned," an inspector told The Sun.

Police Chief Leisaloma Carvalho told investigators that the teen claimed she committed the crimes as revenge against her sister because Santana's boyfriend would sexually abuse her and Santana refused to believe it.

Rabelo was arrested Wednesday for her involvment in the killings.

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