San Antonio company creates hands-free temperature scanner, donates to school on South Side

DOCUmation thermal scanners made to read temperatures in less than a second with 98.3% accuracy

San Antonio company DOCUmation created a hands-free scanner that records temperatures in less than a second with 98.3% accuracy.

SAN ANTONIO – Businesses and schools are making changes to adapt to COVID-19 protocols and San Antonio tech company DOCUmation is trying to help make those changes a little easier.

For almost 30 years the company has provided IT, print and software-manage services, but had to change things up when the coronavirus pandemic forced them to close.

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When the company opened back up the owners knew they had the resources to create something that would help other businesses, organizations and schools.

“We being a technology company and being innovative, looked at this technology and saw it as a fit to really align to our needs and then we saw the ability to start offering it as well to so many of our own clients,” DOCUmation vice president Robbie Brown said.

The thermal scanner is placed on a stand and through facial recognition is able to check the person’s temperature in less than a second with 98.3% accuracy. It will also remind someone to wear a face-covering if one is not on.

The hands-free device makes it easier to check and keep track of people coming in and out of buildings, Brown said.

Since its creation, the device has been donated to Por Vida Academy on the South Side as well as a local nonprofit organization.

“The device will work wonders for us because it will allow us to detect and protect our students, faculty and staff and even parents that come in,” Por Vida Academy Brian Barnes said.

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“We know they’re purchasing masks, sanitizers and many more unforeseen costs of doing business right now,” Brown said. “If we can make this piece of the puzzle easier, it means they can get back to business and hopefully have a better chance of making it through this pandemic.”

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