KSAT Kids: 3 easy and fast recipes to get kids eating breakfast right

Here are some fun and creative breakfasts to start the day

SAN ANTONIO – Kids are back in class -- both virtually and in person -- and that means they need a good meal to fuel their learning.

A good breakfast is important for children trying to learn and have what they need to pay attention. But what about picky eaters?

KSAT12 Max Massey offers three easy and fast recipes that will get children excited for breakfast.

Apple Fruit donuts

They may look like donuts, but they’re much healthier and fast to make! The website, TasteofHome.com, said creativity and fun don’t need to be time consuming and unhealthy.

The donuts are simply cream cheese on sliced apples with sprinkles. Your kids may think they’re having mini donuts, but what they are getting is more nutritious.

Egg McMuffins

These Egg Mcmuffins don’t have the McDonald’s grease. They are fast and super easy. It’s just egg, cheese and bacon stuffed between an English muffin. Kids will love the sandwich aspect, and it’s full of protein to give them the energy they need to study hard.

Stuffed PB & J French toast kobobs

This recipe looks a lot more complicated than it is. Basically, you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, dip it in egg and throw it in the pan.

You then cut it up, stack the pieces on a wooden skewer and place strawberries in between. TasteofHome.com said it is a food packed with good nutrients, and if your kids deal with food allergies, there are easy replacements. Try to use wheat bread if you can.

A good breakfast to start the day isn’t just good for the kids -- according to Health.com research has found that morning eaters tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and less of a chance of having a heart attack or stroke. There are also weight loss benefits to a hearty breakfast.