First Look: Inside CPS Energy’s new headquarters

Photo of inside CPS Energy's new building. (Photo Courtesy: CPS Energy)

SAN ANTONIOEditor’s note: This story was published through a partnership between the San Antonio Business Journal and KSAT.

CPS Energy employees began moving into the utility’s new headquarters on Monday.

Construction that began three years ago and cost city taxpayers $212 million is complete, CPS Energy announced Monday. The utility sent the Business Journal photos of move-in day taken by its photographer as CPS Energy was not allowing outside personnel in the building, per pandemic regulations.

The city-owned utility looked for a new spot for years because the old headquarters, which opened as a furniture factory during Calvin Coolidge’s presidency, used a lot of energy and was too costly to renovate, Chief Administrative and Business Development Officer Frank Almaraz said.

Photo of inside CPS Energy's new building. (Photo Courtesy of CPS Energy)

“To meet our needs and the needs of the modern workplace, [the old headquarters] would require really extensive remodeling, and we would have to figure out where to put our employees during that time frame,” Almaraz said. “The most affordable and least business-impacting way to do this was to move to a different location.”

The new headquarters is at 500 McCullough Ave., close to the city’s growing Broadway Street corridor. At various points, its was owned by AT&T Inc. and Valero Energy Corp., and it was empty for a number of years before CPS Energy bought it in 2016, Almaraz said.

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Photo of inside CPS Energy's new building. (Photo Courtesy: CPS Energy)