Uvalde County physician shows patients COVID lungs to urge people to get vaccinated

Only 46% of the population 12 years and up has been fully vaccinated in Uvalde County

UVALDE, Texas – With 164 new COVID-19 cases reported in Uvalde County in the past two weeks, a physician in Uvalde is showing what the disease can do to people’s lungs.

Dr. Jared Reading took to social media to compare the lungs of people who had and had not been vaccinated and contracted COVID-19.

With only 46% of the population 12 years and up fully vaccinated, Reading hopes the images will help save lives and motivate people to get vaccinated.

“This is super frustrating to watch as a health provider because I see the suffering, and it really is needless,” Reading said.

Reading, with the Uvalde Health Authority, said the video was created from personal frustrations with people choosing not to get vaccinated.

Reading worries about teachers getting sick with school starting this fall.

“We’ll end up shutting schools down, not necessarily because the kids are getting sick because they need to be in school but more so because our teachers are going to start getting sick because they have chosen not to be vaccinated,” Reading said.

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