University Health asks for blood donations with supply getting critically low

University Hospital needing ‘significant’ donations of Type O blood, platelets

Blood donations dwindle as coronavirus cases rise (Special to WJXT)

SAN ANTONIO – University Hospital officials are requesting blood donations saying if they don’t get a “significant donation” they will reach critically low levels on Monday.

Platelets and Type O donations are needed most, but all blood donations are welcome.

“We are not to the point of rescheduling surgeries yet, but are very concerned about the low inventory – particularly if there is a trauma case or an emergency maternity case that uses very large volumes of blood,” hospital officials said in a news release.

Donations can be scheduled online or by calling 210-358-2812.

If a person is unable to donate at University Hospital, they can donate at South Texas Blood and Tissue Center, which supplies blood to hospitals throughout the region.

University Health officials want to remind people that blood donations are always needed, so anyone unable to donate at this time can schedule in the future.

“The blood supply is more of a pipeline than a bank, so a steady supply of frequent donors helps ward off these situations. Your donations will also be needed next week, in six weeks and six months from now,” officials said.

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