Woman sentenced to prison for role in covering up baby King Jay Davila’s death

Angie Torres sentenced to eight years in prison

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio woman who played a role in covering up the death of baby King Jay Davila was sentenced to eight years of prison on Friday, Bexar County court records showed.

Records showed Angie Torres pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence before 227th District Court Judge Kevin O’Connell handed her the eight-year sentence.

“Two defendants have accepted responsibility for their roles in this horrible crime. One is serving significant time for causing this innocent baby’s life, now another is headed to prison for helping him try to keep law enforcement from bringing them to justice. No amount of time will bring King Jay back to our community, but these pleas hold those responsible for his untimely death,” said Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales.

Authorities believe baby King Jay, who was 8-months-old, died on Jan. 4, 2019. That same day, Torres helped stage the baby’s kidnapping along with Christopher Davila, who believed he was the baby’s father, and his mother, Beatrice Sampayo.

After days of questioning the family and claiming they were not being cooperative with the investigation, investigators believed King Jay’s so-called kidnapping was staged to cover up “foul-play,” as police had initially suspected.

After a six-day search for King Jay, Davila eventually led investigators on Jan. 10, 2019, to the baby’s body, which was buried in a backpack in a field less than a mile from Davila’s home in the 5800 block of Castle Brook Drive.

Following their arrest, the family members were targets in jail. Torres was jumped by three other jailed women in 2019. After the assault, deputies placed her in protective custody.

Davila was sentenced earlier this year to 40 years in prison.

Sampayo, who relatives claim was the mastermind behind the cover-up, remains out on bond while awaiting her trial. Records show her trial is currently scheduled for Nov. 15.