Terrifying ‘Victorian murder doll’ caught stalking North Texas town outside town hall

“Y’all...hauntings were not covered at the academy,” Keller Public Safety staff says

This spooky doll, named Vicki M., was spotted terrorizing a North Texas town this week. (City of Keller)

KELLER, Texas – A “creepy Victorian murder doll” was caught terrorizing a small North Texas town and causing quite a stir among city staff, residents and first responders.

The doll, named Vicki M., was perched on a bench outside of the Keller Town Hall after city officials said it was left there by a group of teenage girls overnight Wednesday. Keller is a small town just north of Fort Worth.

Provided by the City of Keller.

When the sun rose on Thursday morning, so did newly instilled fear for all who met the doll’s darkened eyes and chilling gaze.

City staff found Vicki and were hesitant to approach the doll. So, they did the next best thing and took to social media in search of its owners.

“If you’re missing your Creepy Victorian Murder Doll — we’ll go with Vicki M. for short— she’s up here visiting Keller Town Hall, just chillin’ on the front bench presumably cursing every visitor who walks past,” the post reads. “So noooooormally we’d think nothing of it, but we’ve seen ‘The Craft.’ And ‘Annabelle.’ And ‘Child’s Play.’”

Eventually, city staff asked for assistance from Keller Public Safety in relocating Vicki. But, that didn’t stop the doll from causing some mayhem.

“Well, we didn’t begin our shift this morning thinking we’d be responding to calls from City of Keller Government employees about a Creepy Victorian Murder Doll, but here we are,” Public Safety staff said on social media. “Y’all...hauntings were not covered at the academy.”

In a video shared to Facebook, an officer is seen searching for Vicki. However, he seems to be unaware that Vicki is creepily following him at a distance.

The doll is seen in the background stalking the officer from behind a brick ledge, peeking through a tree before ultimately following him to his patrol vehicle.

Well, we didn't begin our shift this morning thinking we'd be responding to calls from City of Keller Government...

Posted by Keller Public Safety on Thursday, February 10, 2022

Keller PD used the Vicki video to remind residents that if they see something suspicious, to report it to the department.

Vicki spent nearly 21 hours total seated outside of town hall as residents passed by the doll, according to city staff. Eventually, someone claimed Vicki just after 6 p.m. Thursday.

City staff said despite the ruckus, Vicki unknowingly brought the town closer together.

“This certainly isn’t how we expected to spend the end of our work week, but when life gives you Creepy Victorian Murder Doll lemons, you have to make Creepy Victorian Murder Doll lemonade. Our residents are an adventurous bunch with a great sense of humor, and it was wonderful seeing the community embrace something so fun and frivolous.”

So noooooormally we’d bring lost and found items inside the building, but uh….yea. If you’re missing your Creepy...

Posted by City of Keller Government on Thursday, February 10, 2022

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Cody King is a digital journalist for KSAT 12. She previously worked for WICS/WRSP 20 in Springfield, Illinois.