Speeding in a school zone? Slow down or you’ll be paying the price, SAPD says

Fines start at $200 and can go up

SAN ANTONIO – It’s that time of year again — the streets are packed with drivers trying to pick up or drop off students.

While it can be frustrating, San Antonio police are warning people that not paying attention in a school zone can cost a driver financially or could cost someone’s life.

Captain Michael Starnes handles traffic for the San Antonio Police Department. He is reminding people in a rush that speeding in a school zone can put you behind schedule.

The fines start at $200 and go up every 10 miles per hour over.

“Your ticket is going to slow you down a whole lot more than you would have been if you just stayed at the speed limit,” Starnes said.

The highest fines happen if you drive past a school bus while it’s unloading students — that’s a $700 fine.

“When the stop sign comes out, it will also have flashing red lights on the bus. So there are multiple visual indicators to drivers of what’s going on,” Starnes said.

Starnes said motorcycle officers are deployed during the school year —catching school zone traffic violations.

“Every morning, every afternoon, our motors are all deployed to school zones. That is their focus,” Starnes said.

Joel Zulica, a school safety officer, suggests parents coordinate and carpool multiple children to reduce congestion. He suggests parents walk with their kids or have their kids walk in groups.

“A child being hurt, injured by a motorist that’s speeding or not paying attention. Those are all things that can be avoided. And we all need to do our part,” Zulica said.

About the Authors:

Adam Barraza is a photojournalist at KSAT 12 and an El Paso native. He interned at KVIA, the local ABC affiliate, while still in high school. He then moved to San Antonio and, after earning a degree from San Antonio College and the University of the Incarnate Word, started working in news. He’s also a diehard Dodgers fan and an avid sneakerhead.