‘He’s innocent’: Woman shares why she believes father of her children didn’t murder her sister

Guadalupe Contreras, accused of killing his wife in 2017, has filed an appeal to try to prevent a retrial from taking place

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio woman is standing by the father of her children, who is accused of killing his wife.

Guadalupe Contreras was charged with the 2017 murder of Elizabeth Contreras after her body was found in the 12800 block of Old Corpus Christi Road.

Guadalupe Contreras’ case went to trial in June but ended in a mistrial due to evidentiary issues.

“He’s innocent,” Alice De Leon Diaz said during an interview with KSAT 12 on Wednesday.

Guadalupe Contreras is the father to Diaz’s children, and Elizabeth Contreras is Diaz’s sister.

During the trial, Diaz, who was subpoenaed by the state, couldn’t speak and wasn’t allowed to sit inside the courtroom. She believes the testimony she heard while the case was ongoing is incorrect.

“They said I called the cops to say there was blood on the clothes, which I didn’t,” Diaz said.

As for those clothes, they were shown in court and appeared to have blood stains. However, Diaz said the day the alleged murder occurred, she picked up Contreras from work and didn’t see blood on him.

“If I had seen blood being the whole drama that’s going on, wouldn’t I have said something?” Diaz said.

Other key evidence presented in the trial was GPS data from Guadalupe Contreras’ work vehicle, which showed that he was in the area where Elizabeth Contreras’ body was found.

Diaz said there was construction on U.S. 281 at the time, and there was no way he would have had time to commit murder.

“They’re saying he did this in 51 minutes,” Diaz said. “How can you do a crime in 51 minutes? I mean, especially when you don’t have a criminal record.”

As for the case itself, Contreras was on the docket Wednesday, but his defense will now be filing an appeal in the case. The appeal is trying to prevent the case from moving forward with a retrial.

The 4th Court of Appeals will make that decision, but it will take some time to rule on the matter.

In the meantime, Alice said she and her family will continue to wait to see how this will play out, but she says she hopes the right person is held responsible for her sister’s murder.

“I want justice for Elizabeth, believe me, I do. I want to know what happened to her,” Diaz said.


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