SAISD officers share firsthand account after mother brutally stabbed

Officers rush to woman's aid, arrest husband Robert Barron

By Myra Arthur - Anchor/Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - Three police officers with the San Antonio Independent School District are credited with giving potentially life-saving medical aid and arresting a stabbing suspect after a woman was brutally attacked Tuesday in front of Bonham Academy.

The stabbing happened around 9:30 a.m. on the 900 block of South Saint Mary's.

The 38-year-old mother was stabbed at least 30 times allegedly by her husband, Robert Barron.

SAISD Police Officer Jessica Sepulveda was the first to rush to the woman's side.

"Somebody had laid a rag on her arm and I used that rag to close the wounds in her neck and chest," said Sepulveda. "And she began to moan. I kept telling her, ‘That's a good sign, you're breathing.'"

Officer John Catts, a 22-year SAISD veteran, arrived to help just seconds later.

"You just hope that we were able to do enough," Catts said. "We got there with enough time so at least she had a fighting chance."

Meanwhile, the suspect was in handcuffs thanks to Officer Rene Cano, who says Barron reacted calmly when placed under arrest.

"He just basically put his hands on the car, never gave me any problems," Cano said.

School had already started when the attack happened. All three officers say they're thankful that students inside Bonham did not witness what they did.

"I go home everyday thinking, 'You know what? These are our kids.' We're police officers assigned to the school district," said Cano. "Thankfully, kids didn't get hurt. Nobody else in the community got hurt."

Each officer credits their training for their quick thinking that day. But they say there's no need to call  them heroes.

"I was just hoping she would survive," said Sepulveda. "You know, she's somebody's mother, She has a child. I would want somebody to do that for me so that I could go home to my child."

The victim remained hospitalized Friday evening while her alleged attacker is out of jail. Barron posted a $300 bond out of the Bexar County Jail Friday morning.

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