Massive Brisket Nachos & More At New Southern Restaurant

David Elder Takes You Inside Hoppin' John Southern Kitchen

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SAN ANTONIO – Hoppin' John is San Antonio’s newest southern kitchen in the downtown area located at the bottom level of the Vistana.

They make delicious southern style cuisine that owner April Carter grew up cooking in Louisiana.

When talking about growing up in Louisiana, Carter said, "Whether you had a job or not, you cooked."

Nothing says southern cooking like deep-fried side items - like the fried green tomatoes and fried sweet pickles. Both are hand battered in cornmeal and flour and cooked to light golden perfection.

The best part - they are serving up massive brisket nachos made with savory, oven-roasted brisket and two kinds of cheese.

House-made tortilla chips get covered in white queso cheese and shredded cheddar. Freshly chopped brisket gets stacked on top of the cheeses - then sour cream and jalapeños finish it off.

The southern kitchen also features Belgian chicken and waffles with a mustard maple syrup sauce that is strange, but surprisingly delicious.

Also on the menu is a killer brisket grilled cheese sandwich.

White bread gets toasted on a flat top with American cheese and white queso. It’s then topped with chopped brisket and cut to serve.

Oh- and did I mention they have deep-fried twinkies? Yep.

The twinkies get lightly breaded, deep-fried, covered in chocolate syrup and served with a side of whipped cream. It's like going to the Texas State Fair without leaving San Antonio.

The restaurant is decorated nicely, the food is delicious and over Hoppin' John is a fun addition to San Antonio’s downtown food scene.

Hoppin' John is located at 100 N Santa Rosa St #140, San Antonio, TX 78207.

To get more information on the restaurant, head to their website.

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