Meet the Stars of Colossal Youth

Watch the local film Colossal Youth

SAN ANTONIO – Colossal Youth is a film debuting at the San Antonio Film Festival and was filmed here in San Antonio at local places like Central Catholic High School, St. Mary's Street, and the Hays Street Bridge.

The storyline of the movie is:

Set in the senior year of high school, four friends Ryder, Greg, Erica and Jordan navigate life and love, while worrying about their unknown futures but that doesn't stop them from having plenty of foolish teenage adventures. Ryder is a hopeless romantic teen, lacking direction, trying to find his place in the world. When it comes to life, love and making the right choices Ryder is his own worst enemy. Ryder's dream girl Siobhan comes back into his life. Their relationship is and always has been full of ups and downs. It's not until when Ryder hits rock bottom, that he realizes the true girl of his dreams has been there all along.

Written by R. Scott Leisk

Colossal Youth Premieres on Friday, August 3 at 9p.m. at the Tobin Center some come out and support local films.