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Over 23 million men of all ages have some form of erectile dysfunction

SAN ANTONIO – Male Medical Group specializes in testosterone therapy to increase levels maximizing energy, sleeping patterns, emotions and even increase sex drive. 

Over 23 million men of all ages have some form of erectile dysfunction.

Roman Garcia, media personality and Male Medical Group patient said, "In six months I lost 40 pounds. The energy started to come back and I started to drop weight. I even put on 10 pounds of muscle."

"Most insurance companies reimburse for Male Medical Group services," said Garcia. "Even if it's not covered by insurance, they will work out an affordable plan for you."

Male Medical specializes in testosterone therapy to improve the following for men:

  • Energy levels

  • Sleeping patterns

  • Emotions

  • Increase sex drive

For more information about Male Medical Group, visit malemedicalgroup.com or call 210-361-1203. 

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Information courtesy of Male Medical Group. 

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