Fat burning workout for moms with Mix Fit SA

Moves that will kick your fitness routine into high gear

SAN ANTONIO – New moms looking for a killer workout have met their match!

Mix Fit San Antonio focuses on the five strategic movements to burn fat: push, pull, lift, squat and hinge. Mix Fit CEO and founder Giselle Calvillo says if you stick to those five things, you'll get a full body workout with whatever you do.

She advises training moms to start with a warmup first, then go into more of a movement phase. Grab a dumbbell, a kettle bell, a baby -- whatever you have around -- and go into a squat press. Those compound movements will help to target fat loss.

Calvillo says new moms need a lot of core work because they lose strength in their abdomens during pregnancy. If weights are too much, Calvillo advises to start with stretching and bodyweight exercises before you add weights and focus on maintaining stability while moving that weight.

Now it's time to challenge yourself! Mix Fit San Antonio invites you to join its New Year Challenge. It starts Monday, January 14.

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