Look sharp this summer with Boardroom Salon for Men

Here are some tips for men to keep their hair fresh this summer

SAN ANTONIO – At Boardroom Salon for Men, stylist - Taylor Booth - has some tips for men to keep their hair sharp and fresh this summer to avoid any sun damage or hair loss. Her first suggestion is to cut your hair short. Short hair is easier to maintain and keep healthy.

However, short hair can make your scalp more prone to sun damage so it's important to use sunblock on your scalp. Booth suggest the Jack Black Sunguard Suncreen. Simply lather it around your scalp and the sides that are most vulnerable to the sun. For a quicker solution, try Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer. Spray it on before you leave the house to keep you protected from the sun.

Maintain a healthy scalp and keep the pores on your scalp unclogged by getting a deep clean from Boardroom. If you want to have your own deep clean at home, be sure to use conditioner! Booth suggests using Bumble and bumble Full Potential products such as their shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment. Shampoo and conditioner can also keep your hair moisturized which is important when fighting the summer heat. Another shampoo and conditioner series that Booth recommends is the Bumble and bumble Cream to Cocoa

Men, be sure to spoil yourselves this summer by making an appointment at Boardroom Salon for Men. Their service menu features many different hair care and spa treatments to help you feel relaxed.

For more information, you can visit Boardroom Salon for Men on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They are located in the Alamo Quarry Market at 7322 Jones Maltsberger Road Suite 214. What are waiting for? Make your appointment now!