‘Crock-Pot of the grilling world’ makes great gift for Father’s Day

Grilling gadgets for Dad with home improvement expert Kathryn Emery

Not a grilling expert? With the pellet grill, you don’t have to be. Watch the video above for grilling gadget gift ideas for Dad.

What is a pellet grill?

According to home improvement expert Kathryn Emery, the pellet grill is the “Crock-Pot of the grilling world.” These grills burn wood pellets in a variety of flavors, like hickory or mesquite, and come with digital thermostats ranging from 180°F to 500°F. You can cook “low and slow” for that smoky flavor or searing hot to get the job done quickly.

With the pellet grill by Monument Grills, you can monitor your meat with a wifi-controlled probe. Just download the app, insert the thermometer in the meat and it will send an alert to your phone when it’s ready to eat. The grill is also easy to clean, with patent-pending easy ash removal.

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What should I look for in a gas grill?

First, look at size. How much do you want to cook? That will determine how big of a gas grill you need. A small, two burner grill will cook about 15 burgers; a medium, four burner grill will cook about 25 burners; a large, six burner grill will cook about 40 burgers.

Second, look at heat. Cast iron and stainless steel grates get hot quickly and distribute heat. Stainless flame tamers will distribute the heat, but watch out for infrared burners. They’re not any different than the rest, so Emery warns consumers not to fall for the hype.

An electronic push to start ignition is easiest and most reliable to get the grill started. Style is a more personal choice, though. Some will enjoy a clear view lid with a thermometer in the middle; others won’t care as much as long as it cooks right.

What about grilling accessories?

Emery suggests two things: a good pair of meat scissors and a tray or non-stick mat that will allow you to grill without the mess.

Meat scissors will cut everything from a bag to chicken, fish and herbs. Some also come apart for easy cleaning and have notches on the handles for opening jars, a screwdriver tip and even a bottle opener.

A grilling mat will keep fish from sticking, vegetables from falling into the flames and sauces from dripping. Emery suggests a you look for mats infused with real copper so you can still see grill marks on your meats and veggies, mats that are dishwasher safe or wipe clean and reusable and reversible models.

For more information on Emery and for more great summer tips, head to her website.


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