The Look: Spa day in the comfort of your own home

Treat yourself with these at-home spa ideas

The Look: Spa's at home | SA Live | KSAT
The Look: Spa's at home | SA Live | KSAT

San Antonio – Most of us could use a good spa day after being stuck in quarantine for so long. Monday on SA Live, Elsa Fernandez, of Eye Candy Boutique, shared different ways to recreate that spa feeling at home in a new edition of The Look.

The different techniques that Fernandez shared for at-home facials are jade rolling and gua sha, which are both derived from ancient Chinese medicine. Also, they both provide the benefits of relieving facial tension, boosting blood circulation, reducing puffiness and encouraging lymphatic drainage.

When using jade rolling, you want to start rolling from the center of your face and finish on the edges in order to better drain your lymphatic system and boost blood flow. Fernandez specified that you will want to use soft to medium pressure while using the roller on your face.

Alternatively, gua sha stones, which can come in many different shapes, are great for the various contours of your face. You will only make strokes in one direction with the gua sha stones, once again applying soft-to-medium pressure.

For more information and ideas like this from Elsa Fernandez head over to Eye Candy Boutique’s website.