San Antonians predicting sweep in Miami

Locals see opportunity for America to love their Spurs

SAN ANTONIO – In Miami bracing for the heat, the San Antonio Spurs have a lot of support both in Florida and back at home.

"The coherence between all the players, I think it's at it's best that it's ever been," said Spurs fan Courtney Edmonds.

The Spurs have made it to the Championships before -- some now wondering if they can do it again.

"We're going to beat them," said fan Vicki Smith. "I think we're going to sweep (the Heat)."

"I think we're definitely prepared for Miami. I don't think it matters that they have home-court advantage because this is the championship," Edmonds said.

"Miami's just got high hopes," said fan Jennifer Cershaw.

"If it's going to be Lebron James, if he's going to pull through for the team, let him bring it. He can't play by himself against us. We are a team," said fan Ernest Garza.

Some locals see this as an opportunity for the rest of the country to fall in love with the Spurs.

"I think they're great. I think America's going to really notice us," Cershaw said.

"I think Tim Duncan wants another (championship), and so does Tony Parker, and so do I," Garza said.

They are not alone.

Hundreds of thousands of San Antonio Spurs fans across the nation will be sitting on the edge of their seats hoping for a fifth championship.

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