San Antonio nuns root for Spurs

Salesian Sisters Of St John Bosco pray for Game 7 win

SAN ANTONIO – The Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco might be unlikely Spurs fans, but they don't lack in passion or faith.

Still, the Sisters were shocked when the Spurs failed to fake the NBA Championship title in Game 6 against the Miami Heat Tuesday night.

"What happened?" asked Sister Rosalba Garcia on Wednesday. "Why did they lose? There was a mistake somewhere."

"(The Heat) stole it from us," said Sister Angelita Guzman.

The sisters have a habit of watching the Spurs, following them almost religiously during the finals.

Sister Rosalba Garcia even has her walker decked out in Spurs gear.

They say they're using what pull they have to try and help the Spurs win Game 7. 

"We're praying for them. We ask the Lord to bless them for the next game (and to) forget about this one," said Sister Rosalba Garcia.

"I have St Joseph, I have the Blessed Mother and the three rosaries a day for the Spurs," said Sister Anglelita Guzman.

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