Oh, snap... Get ready for a cold snap!

Late-season freeze sets in Sunday night


SAN ANTONIO – A late-season cold snap will set South Texas up for three nights of subfreezing temperatures this week, which could wreak havoc on gardens and other vegetation. 


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A hard freeze will be likely in the Hill country on Monday night. A hard freeze occurs when temperatures fall to the mid-20s or lower for a prolonged period of time. This type of freeze can be dangerous for pets and vegetation, and it can also cause damage to exposed plumbing pipes. 


By Tuesday night, a light freeze will be likely in San Antonio. A light freeze occurs when temperatures are in the 28 to 32-degree range for a handful of hours. Special care should be taken to protect vegetation and outdoor pets during a light freeze. 



Aside from the freeze potential, it's just going to be downright cold out there! Our average high temperatures in early March are in the low 70s. We'll be trending some 20 to 30 degrees below that on Monday with highs in the 30s and Tuesday, as highs stay stuck in the 40s. 

Don't forget about the wind! Winds will be breezy on Monday, making it feel like it's in the 20s just about all day. As a high pressure system settles over San Antonio Tuesday, winds will die down and even though it will be cold, we'll see an abundance of sunshine.

Things start to warm back up toward the end of the week. However, higher humidity and fog will return then, too. 


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