Consumer Reports: Tips for saving money on gym membership

5 tips for people considering a gym membership in 2016

SAN ANTONIO – It happens every year. People make New Year’s resolutions to join a gym and get back into shape.

Consumer Reports looked into five ways prospective gym-joiners can save money in 2016.

If you aren’t in a rush, maybe wait a few weeks. While promotions will wow consumers in early January if you wait until the end of the month you might find a gym manager more eager to make a deal.

Also, consider bringing a friend and seeing if there is a group membership available.

“Always assume you can get a better deal. You can do that by asking the right questions and visiting at the right times,” said, Mandy Walker, Consumer Reports Money Editor.

Another tip, determine what kind of membership you need. Fewer perks can mean paying less per month.

Customers can also ask if a gym has a cheaper plan, even if it is not advertised.

Many employers and health insurance companies also help chip-in the cost of a gym membership.

“About half of all US firms have wellness programs and many of those include discounts on gym memberships or the ability to access onsite workout facilities,” Walker said.

Lastly, for customers who don’t hit up the gym that often, a pay-as-you-go membership might be the best option.

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