Planning road trip or weekend getaway? Make sure your tires are ready

Properly inflated tires last longer, save gas

SAN ANTONIO – When's the last time you checked your tires? Whether you're taking an end-of-summer road trip or planning a Labor Day weekend getaway, it's important to make sure your tires are road trip-ready.

Before you hit the road, check your tires. Temperature swings can really affect tire pressure. So check it and adjust it to the number listed inside the driver's doorjamb.

Properly inflated tires last longer and save gas. Don't forget to check the spare tire, too.

"You're going to want to inspect all four of your tires to check for any cuts, cracks or blisters or any damage from hitting a pothole or a curb," Consumer Reports auto editor Keith Barry said. "You can check the tread depth of your tires using a quarter. So put it head down into one of the grooves of tread. If you can see the top of George Washington's head, it's time to start shopping for new tires."

Worn tires take longer to stop on wet pavement and are more apt to hydroplane on water.

If it is time for new tires, Consumer Reports recommends Michelin CrossClimate+ all-weather tires.

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