Give yourself a salon-style blowout with this blower brush under $50

Bring the salon experience to your home with this 2-in-1 hair brush dryer. (Adagio)

It’s been a while since you went to the hair salon for a nice, professionally-done blowout. If you style your hair daily or have long or thick hair, you know that blow-drying often can be damaging and tedious. The time it takes to dry your hair entirely is enough to make you want to pull it out. With the Adagio Blower Brush, you can get a salon-style blowout at home and shorten your drying time.

This drying brush has two-speed settings designed to straighten your hair while drying it for an overall smooth and glossy sheen. It also uses Tourmaline technology that produces negative ions to retain hair moisture while adding a boost of volume, so you don’t need to stress about potential hair damage. Plus, with its lightweight design, your arm or wrist won’t cramp up. This round blowout brush also has a 6′ long, 360° swivel cord allowing you to move the brush through your strands with ease.

The Adagio Blower Brush has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. One satisfied customer raves, “It’s seriously the best hair dryer ever invented. My thickly curly, sometimes frizzy hair comes out smooth and straight or wavy (depending on styling) in half the time. Bonus: I have arthritis, and it doesn’t hurt my hands like a regular hairdryer.”

This brush can be used on all hair thicknesses, and it won’t pull or snag on your hair. When drying, you can also take big sections, and it will still effectively dry each strand. You’ll love how it glides smoothly through your tresses. Aside from cutting down blow-drying time, this is the ideal brush for those who struggle using a hairdryer and a round brush. You’ll get the best of both with the Adagio brush.

You can snag the Adagio Blowout Brush for 80% off the MSRP ($249), on sale for $49.99.

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