GIFT GUIDE: Special gift treats for dogs, cats and their humans

Cheerble Board Game for Cats (Stackcommerce)

People love to spoil their pets. That can mean buying them the best toys and treats, taking dogs on long walks or cuddling with cats. This holiday season, find a gift for your pets and pet-loving friends to make their lives easier.

Shed Pal Pet Fur Grooming Vacuum (Stackcommerce)

Shed Pal Pet Fur Grooming Vacuum

Unfortunately, the fluffier our furry friends are, the more hair and fur they leave around the house. This tool collects fur right from your pet while you groom them, so you can reduce the amount that they shed around the house.

Waterproof Heated Dog Vest (Stackcommerce)

5V Rechargeable Waterproof Heated Dog Vest

Winter weather doesn’t mean you can’t adventure. This heated vest has three layers of protection and three heat settings to keep dogs warm and cozy in rain, snow and chilly weather.

DNA Test My Dog Breed Identification Kit (Stackcommerce)

DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test

Figuring out what breed a dog is doesn’t have to be a guessing game. This GHP Biotechnology Award-winning DNA test will identify a dog’s unique genetic composition with information on personality traits, health and more.

Allergy Test My Pet Kit (Stackcommerce)

Allergy Test My Pet Kit

For dogs with itchy skin or upset stomachs, this kit can provide some answers to what’s ailing them. Test your dog’s tolerance to around 100 common sensitivities and intolerances with this mail-in swab kit.

Cheerble Board Game for Cats (Stackcommerce)

Cheerble Board Game: All-in-One Interactive Toy for Cats

Cats that are tired of their usual cardboard boxes and toys will be entertained by this multi-function interactive toy. Even the most active cats can wear themselves out with this smart toy, scratcher and Cheerble ball combo.

Pet Car Net Partition (Stackcommerce)

Pet Car Net Partition

This practical tool ensures that pets and drivers stay safe in the car. It isolates pets to the backseat so they can’t run around or interfere with driving.

Pet Medic First Aid Kit (Stackcommerce)

Pet Medic: First Aid Kit for Pets (2-Pack)

Be prepared for injuries or accidents with this first-aid kit specially equipped for pets. This Amazon’s Choice product has an average of 4.8 out of 5 star reviews. Store one in the car and one at home to ensure your pets are protected, wherever they are.

Dog Training Course Bundle (Stackcommerce)

The Essential 2022 Dog Training Bundle

This course bundle features the fundamentals of dog training for puppies and older dogs. Learn how to adjust problem behaviors like barking and leash pulling, and how to help your dog peacefully coexist with animals and humans alike. Taught by Skill Success, the courses in this bundle are highly-rated for how they present information in step-by-step, intuitive ways.

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