Thank A Teacher During Teacher Appreciation Week

People encouraged to post on Twitter, Instagram with #ThankaTeacher

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SAN ANTONIO – School districts across San Antonio are celebrating teachers over the next couple of weeks. Some districts are observing Teacher Appreciation Week May 1-5 while others are celebrating March 8-12. We want teachers to know they are appreciated year-round! People are using social media to share stories and pictures of their favorite teachers using #ThankaTeacher.

The National Education Association and the National Parent Teacher Association offered the following suggestions for creating social media posts:

  • A picture of yourself with your favorite teacher, past or present;
  • A picture of your child with his or her teacher;
  • A picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with a simple message saying Thank You to a teacher and why you’re thanking him or her.

Here are some of the Twitter and Instagram posts from people in San Antonio and across the country.


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