KSAT Flavor Favs: Everybody Loves Raymond's

Restaurant serves big burgers full of flavor

SAN ANTONIO – Located in far South Bexar County, it's worth the drive to visit Everybody Loves Raymond's, located at 18600 Pleasanton Rd.

It's a family affair at this restaurant, where the Diaz Family has had the place open for over 20 years.

The place serves food like chicken fried steaks and crispy tacos, but lately has been focusing a lot on their burgers.

"When I took over about a year and a half ago, (I) tried to do something out here that they don't have out here. So what we started doing is pushing hamburgers and fries, homemade, plain and simple," owner Raymond Diaz said.

The place is now becoming known for its oversized burgers.

Currently you can buy all the way up to a 10-inch burger, but a 20-inch is in the works.

"We have yet to put it out there because we are trying to figure out a way to keep the meat together. Since it's a big burger, transferring from the grill onto the plate (can be difficult)," Diaz said.

Whether you're up for the big burger challenge or not, the burgers served here are becoming a hit thanks to social media.

"Every customer that comes in, we try to make them feel as special as possible, because that same person that found me from Facebook is going to share and share and tag our posts," Diaz said.

At one point, Everybody Loves Raymond's was only making 20 burgers a week. Now they hope they can eventually expand their product.

"You always wish for bigger and better and for more. But as long as we just stay focused and stay growing gradually, then we'll be alright," Diaz said.

About the Author:

Erica Hernandez is an Emmy award-winning journalist with more than 12 years of experience in the broadcast news business. Erica has covered a wide array of stories all over Central and South Texas. She's currently the court reporter.