Red velvet chicken and waffles? Enough said.

Flavor Favs: The South Chicken & Waffles

SAN ANTONIO – All-day brunch is how it's done at the South Chicken & Waffles at 5739 Callaghan Road.

That's right, an all-day brunch! This restaurant has quickly become a favorite for foodie fans because of that feature alone.

The restaurant opened last year and is bringing a unique menu to San Antonio.

One stand-out item on the menu was the red velvet chicken and waffles.

Owner Joshua Green said that while it is common to see red velvet waffles in other places, it is pretty new here in San Antonio.

"It's something we liked, and we thought it would catch people's attention," Green said.

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Erica's Take:

If you are a fan of chicken and waffles, then this place is for you. There is no shortage of waffles here, and they are perfect. Red velvet waffles are a must-try and so are the shrimp and grits. This place is a lot of fun ,and prices are reasonable. The only setback is the place is kind of hard to find. It is hidden with very little signage to make the restaurant stand out. Don't let that keep you away, because it really is a hidden gem you want to try.

Rating 4.5 out 5 stars


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