Clean-up begins after SA twister

Contractors work to repair roofs, windows in Deer Park neighborhood


SAN ANTONIO – Contractors and homeowners are cleaning up on Deer Park after a twister touched down in the West Side neighborhood yesterday.

Windows are now boarded up and tarps are covering holes in roofs.

Joseph Bueno was already measuring his yard for a new fence Thursday morning. He called his insurance company just an hour after the storm damaged his siding, patio cover and fence.

"The only thing that they told me was that they were flooded with calls and the houses that received more damage than my fence line were going to get priority, and I was understanding about that," he said.

Bueno was expecting worse damage because when the storm hit, he said he couldn't even see the house across the street.

But not all the damage in the neighborhood is obvious.

Greg Carrasco, a roofing contractor, said sometimes you have to get on a roof to really know if there is a problem.

"The roof that I just got off right now, the rear fireplace is about to fall. Any little wind would knock it over. I told the homeowner to go ahead and call the insurance company, because right now it's in danger of falling," he said.

Carrasco said it will probably take about a month to get the neighborhood back to normal, and in the meantime, he welcomes the busy schedule.

"When disasters like this (strike), I try to help people out. It might be a disaster for the people. It's some blessing for us roofers," he said.