Car slams through San Antonio liquor store front

Driver says foot slipped off brake, onto gas


A 64-year-old female driver told police her foot slipped off the brake and onto the accelerator sending her car crashing through the glass front of Thrifty Liquor at the corner of Huebner and Babcock.

The accident happened shortly before 5 pm Thursday. The driver tells police her arthritis likely caused the mishap.

Store manager John Gonzales describes the impact "like a bomb going off."
"Just one great big, loud ‘BOOM' then clink, clink, clink as it all fell to the floor," he said.

Gonzales saw the woman pulling into a parking spot and was walking behind the register to greet before the crash.

"As I was making that turn, out of the corner of my eye, I said ‘she didn't stop,'" Gonzales recalled.

No one was hurt and the driver's airbag did not deploy. But Gonzales says if the accident had happened just moments earlier, things might have turned out differently.

"Maybe two or three minutes before, I had two or three people in this store," he said. "If anybody had been walking out or coming in at the time, she would have just run right over them. We were lucky."

Thrifty Liquor is expected to reopen Friday.

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