Teen thinks man wanted to abduct, sell her for sex

Girl had strange encounter at Windcrest bus stop


SAN ANTONIO – Tracy Hall was relieved to have her 18-year-old daughter Breana Barnes-Hall safe at home Tuesday night after she had a strange encounter at a Windcrest bus stop that afternoon.

As she waited for the bus at Walzem and Ray Bon Drive to take her to a job interview, she was approached by a man who offered her a modeling job.

"He offered me to go to a hotel, and pay me $5,000 for every photo shoot and he'll fly me off anywhere," Barnes-Hall said.

The red flags went up when the man scribbled his contact information on a piece of scrap paper. It really got her thinking.

"Why is he coming to me and why is he giving me paper not a business card? I could understand if he gave me a business card, but he just gave me a piece of  paper."

Following her gut, she turned the man down, but she worries what could have happened had she agreed to get in the car with the man and went to the hotel.

"I think he was trying to abduct me and take me away," Barnes-Hall said. "If I wasn't using my brain then that would have happened."

Breana's mom also worries about what might have happened to her daughter.

"She could have been trafficked for drugs, they could have been selling her body, I could not have seen my daughter again. It's happening every day in this world," Tracy Hall said.

Hall said she contacted the man and pretended to be her daughter.

She had a conversation over the phone and then exchanged several texts messages. The more she learned the more she worried about other girls.

"Some kids do anything for money and they don't know where it's going to lead them," Hall said. "I teach my kids money is not everything because money could take your life."

KSAT Crime Specialist, retired SAPD Detective Eddie Gonzales, said Breana did the right thing by walking away. He hopes other women will learn from her experience.

"You could get robbed, you could get kidnapped, you could of course end up sexually assaulted," Gonzales said. "People just need to realize that there's a lot of  predators out there that aren't nice people and are looking to hurt people."