Revamped Impala scores big with Consumer Reports

2014 Chevy Impala outscores some foreign-made luxury sedans


The Chevrolet Impala may be on the road to a comeback.

The completely reworked 2014 Impala got top ratings for sedans in Consumer Reports tests. It's the first time in 20 years, a U.S. automaker topped the charts.

"It rides like a luxury sedan, cushy  yet controlled," said Consumer Reports' auto expert Tom Mutchler. "At the same time, acceleration is quick, and handling is surprisingly agile for such a large sedan."

The 2014 model went on sale in April with a starting price of just under $27,000. 

The top of the line LTZ version costs about $39,000.  Safety equipment like blind spot monitoring and collision warnings come standard.

The new ride is a far cry from the Impala of 1958.  The then-top-seller had no airbags and no seat belts.

A top rating is a big deal for General Motors and Detroit.

"We've seen big improvement in American cars recently with a lot of successful redesigns," Mutchler said. "The Impala is perhaps the most impressive yet.

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