Video shows school bus fight in Baker County, Florida

A school bus fight in Florida recorded on a cellphone camera and uploaded to Facebook appears to show a female student punching and hitting another student in one of the seats.
The Baker County School District said the fight happened Monday at Baker County Middle School and school officials are investigating.

"It's sad. I don't know who it falls back on: parents, school or just somebody," one parent said.

The mother of an eighth-grader said she's concerned more fights could breakout.

"It's just a chain reaction nowadays. It doesn't take much to set them off," she said.

"Of course it concerns me, but kids are going to get in fights once in a while," one parent said." "And there's no weapons, so thank God for that. And it looks like the driver did what he needed to do to separate them."

It's not clear what started the fight and who will be disciplined.

"The Baker County School District is currently investigating the bus incident that occurred yesterday afternoon. School Board Policies and the Student Code of Conduct will be followed," the district said in a statement.

According to the school's code of conduct, fighting is considered a category III offense. First-time offenders could face a bus suspension for up to 10 days or school suspension or a combination of the two. Second-time offenders could be suspended from the bus between 11 to 25 days, or school suspension, or a combination of the two.

Third-time offenders could face expulsion from the bus pending school board approval or bus suspension until the child can be enrolled into alternative school.

Baker County Sheriff Joey Dobson said there were rumors last Friday via social media that a large fight was going to break out at the school, so he sent a few officers to check it out but nothing ever happened.

As for the bus fight, he said, "No one was seriously injured and no one was arrested."