Spurs championship gear flying off shelves

Spurs fans rush to sporting good stores for championship merchandise

Hats, T-shirts and other Spurs championship gear are going fast.
Hats, T-shirts and other Spurs championship gear are going fast.

SAN ANTONIO – Spurs fans headed to sporting good stores Sunday night and Monday morning to get first dibs on Spurs championship gear.

"What brought me out this morning early is Go Spurs Go!" said Gerald Dove, a Spurs fan, who shopped at Dick's Sporting Goods. "I did think about coming here late last night, however, I did not. We had a whole bunch of family over watching the game."

Jamie and Esther Cavazos headed to Academy first thing Monday right after dropping off the kids at day care.

"We're out shopping for our kiddos, so we can go and take it to their daycare, so they can put on their championship shirts," Esther Cavazos said.

The couple felt so sure the Spurs would win that they planned a day off work.

"We just scheduled a vacation day today. We knew that on Father's Day they were just going to take care of business," said Jamie Cavazos. "We were very confident. We believed that the Heat got lucky and they won Game Two."

Some sizes in shirts were selling out Monday morning, but both Dick's and Academy expected more Spurs championship gear by Tuesday.

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